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Experienced Mold Inspector

Important Note:

Licensure for mold assessors and remediators is handled by the State of Florida. Florida Statutes 468 Part XVI and forbids assessors from doing remediation and remediators from assessment on the same project. Companies or individuals who hold themselves out to be assessors or remediators, offering to do both, are IN VIOLATION OF STATE LAW. 

Therefore, Expert Dry® is prohibited from providing both assessment and then remediation for the same project. If remediation is required through Expert Dry®, an independent assessor is required for mold and indoor air quality investigations. If assessment is required, it is recommended that an independent environmental firm be used for remediation.

Our company has trained and knowledgeable professionals who have the tools and skills necessary to assess new or old properties for a variety of potential problems. The many areas that we investigate when evaluating a location include:

  • Mold and Allergens
  • Insulation Voids
  • Indoor Air Quality and Sanitation
  • Water Damage
  • Hidden Moisture

Give us a call and let us explain the evaluation process or schedule an inspection and investigation today. Expert Dry® provides services in Northwest Florida, South Alabama and South Mississippi.